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Here are the next two booklets:

No 5. ‘The Bounds of their Habitation’ and No 6. The Covenant Nations – a Natural Union. The first four have been widely distributed and very well-received with orders coming in for substantial quantities. We are very grateful for your support in this vital information campaign.

Send for your extra copies now!



An early reminder of this rally at Headquarters on Saturday, 4 June to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. We look forward to a very interesting and enjoyable day.



Wigan – (Good Friday) March 25th – speakers Pastor Phillips and Alfred Brown at 12.00 noon with lunch.

Our Christian Heritage – in the Houses of Parliament, London – on Saturday, 2nd April: an introductory talk by Michael Clark first and then a tour of the Houses of Parliament (see flyer for details).

Morecambe Rally & AGM – Friday, 22nd April-Sunday, 24th April – speakers Michael Clark, Pastor Aimer, Pastor Phillips, Dr Smyth, Martin Lightfoot, Frank Tebbutt, Pastor Pearson, Alfred Brown and Margery Dowling.

Our Christian Heritage – Carlisle Cathedral – on Saturday, 25th June. A guided tour of this historic place of worship.



The theme this year for the Summer Convention is the same as the Kingdom Foundation booklets: ‘The Foundations of the Nation must be Restored.’ The programme is now complete and we look forward to welcoming two new speakers from overseas, Brooks Alden from the Association of Covenant People, Vancouver and Henry Jackson from Zimbabwe. There is also a return visit from Andrew Adams from New Zealand. It will be held again at the Palace Hotel in Buxton which is a very popular venue providing excellent accommodation and facilities.



In early December David Aimer went to the Church Conference in San Antonio, Texas, on the invitation of Pastor Ken Kemble for him to speak several times. It was a very interesting trip and a good opportunity to maintain fellowship with our American friends.



Martin Lightfoot has now 48 short videos with over 87,000 viewings on British-Israel and Bible related issues on YouTube.

Two of the latest are ‘Etruscans & Romans – The Etruscan Connection,’ a tribute to the exhaustive research of the late Gladys Taylor:  


and ‘Israel's Grave, The Anglo-Saxons Birthplace’ a tribute to the pioneering work in the 19th century of John Wilson: 


These presentations give biblical and historical facts in a lively way and are very useful tools for introducing friends to the topics.

Please post questions and comments on the video pages



Two new books will be available shortly: The Real ‘St. Patrick’ by Michael A Clark, Contributing Editor with M A Kelly. This book reveals the background of St. Patrick in South Wales where the British Church was established in the early centuries. Ye are My Witnesses by E F Waddington is another new print of a classic book which presents the BI message in a very accessible form. It is no coincidence that the title of this book is the theme for the magazine (see below) because of the urgency of the hour.


The Real St Patrick Small.tif      Ye Are My Witnesses Small.tif



The first issue of 2016 will be arriving soon. The theme for the whole year is ‘Ye are My Witnesses’ which has been chosen because it is so vital these days that people should be made aware of the message from the Scriptures which is the only message making sense of events and bringing hope to a fallen world.



Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

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