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Let us offer praise and thanks to Almighty God for the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II. From 6th February, 2017, we celebrate 65 years since she came to the throne, the Throne of David. This is the first time in British history that this Jubilee has occurred.



Come and mark the centenary of the Deliverance of Jerusalem by British forces under the command of General Allenby and other deliverances in our history at the Rally at Headquarters on Saturday, 3 June. Join members and friends for a day of interesting lectures, fellowship and thanksgiving. To mark this very special event which fulfilled prophecy in such a remarkable way, Covenant Publishing is offering a FREE GIFT of ‘As Birds Flying’ over Jerusalem. Collect your copy at Federation events or write to Headquarters, one book per person – donations for postage appreciated.



Our Christian Heritage – The Museum of Methodism, Wesley House and Chapel. On Saturday, 25 March, at 1.00pm, meeting at the Chapel main entrance, 49 City Road, London EC1Y 1AU. A guided tour unfolding the remarkable 18thcentury evangelical revival which sprang from the earlier Protestant Reformation and shaped Britain’s political, spiritual and social history.

Wigan (Good Friday) 14 April – speakers David Aimer and Alfred Brown at 12 noon with lunch.

Morecambe Rally & AGM – Friday 21 April–Sunday 23 April – speakers Alfred Brown, David Aimer, Frank Tebbutt, Robert Phillips, Clifford Smyth, Norman Pearson, Margery Dowling and Martin Lightfoot.

Northern Ireland Rally – on Saturday, 6 May, at 2.00pm in the Chimney Corner Hotel in Belfast. Speakers to be announced.




A tour on Saturday, 24 June, at 1.00pm, meeting at the main entrance of Holyrood Palace located at the bottom of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. A visit to the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, founded by David I in 1128, and the Holyrood Palace State Apartments.



This year, 2017, marks ten years since the first issue of The Covenant Nations magazine. The fourth volume begins in March this year. It has proved to be a worthy successor of the magazines and publications produced by the Federation in its long history. The Banner of Israel began in 1876 – long before BIWF, of course – followed by The National Message which was the house magazine of the Federation. There was The Youth Message too. The NM included meetings as well as Bible studies and comment on current events in the light of prophecy. This ran in parallel with Wake Up! from 1977. Then it became The Link and then Wake Up! again until 2000. From then until 2007 when the first issue of The Covenant Nations was published it was called Crown & Commonwealth.


Each issue of CN is sent out across the globe to readers in all the Israel nations. The accompanying photograph shows the bags ready for posting from Headquarters. It is also available on the BIWF website.  The editors and writers have usually been faithful volunteers rather than paid professionals and we give thanks to Almighty God that He has always provided the people and the means to continue this witness. Your prayers are greatly valued – and, of course, your donations! 




The National Bible College revised ‘Distance Learning Programme’ is now entering its 9th year of operation and continues to receive applications from home and abroad, including two teenagers, who are currently making excellent progress in their study of the learning material and their responses to the questions set out in the units.



The theme this year is “A Nation and a Company of Nations” – at the Palace Hotel in Buxton from Monday 17 July to Saturday 22 July. We look forward to welcoming first time visitors as well as renewing fellowship with friends from around the world.



Sarah and Daniel Lewis are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Elijah Llewellyn Lewis on Tuesday, 18 October, 2016. A first grandchild for Philippa and Michael Clark.


Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

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