JUNE 2018

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The 65th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty The Queen was celebrated at Headquarters on Saturday, 2 June. It was a pleasure to meet some new friends attending their first rally. Michael Clark opened with the first address after the welcome by David Aimer. He spoke on ‘The Kingdom in our Midst and the Spiritual Significance of the Coronation.’

There was a lunch break for refreshment and fellowship followed by Martin Lightfoot who gave a presentation on ‘Jacob’s Dream and the Coronation Stone.’ He brought together all the evidence supporting the authenticity of this priceless piece of our history.

David Aimer then led the Thanksgiving Prayers and after a short tea break Philippa Clark the quiz on ’65 Glorious Years.’ She stood in for Kathleen Gage who had to cancel shortly before the event. The prize of the official book about the Crown Jewels was won by Enid Tebbutt. Michael Clark closed the day with the Israel Blessing from Numbers 6.



The enclosed sheet highlights the significance of the touch down of the RAF’s first F-35B stealth jets at RAF Marham and the appearance of the Rainbow as on D-Day.



Our Christian Heritage – in Birmingham Museum, Chamberlain Square on Saturday 30 June.

PLEASE NOTE: this event has been cancelled. Michael Clark had planned to lead the guided tour to The Anglo-Saxon ‘Staffordshire Treasure’ but he is unable to do it this year due to family reasons. He hopes to re-schedule it for next year.



The theme this year is “The Proclamation of Hope at our coming Freedom” – at the Palace Hotel in Buxton from Monday 23 July to Saturday 28 July. Bookings are being taken now – if you have not received a booking form contact Nicola at Headquarters as soon as possible.



Our Christian Heritage – in the British Museum

On Saturday 28 April Martin Lightfoot led an enthusiastic group to see the artefacts which confirm ‘The Bible as History.’


Wigan (Good Friday) 30 March

The speakers were Alfred Brown and David Aimer

Morecambe Rally & AGM – Friday 20 April–Sunday 22 April

This was the first rally held in the Auckland Hotel after many years at Emmanuel Church. It was well attended as usual.

Northern Ireland Rally – on Saturday, 5 May, at 2.00pm in the Chimney Corner Hotel in Belfast. The speakers were Robert Dick and Martin Lightfoot



New book out soon: British History traced from Egypt and Palestine by Rev L.G.A Roberts. The first edition was in 1919 and it is another of the books which it is valuable to reprint because of the wealth of evidence that the author has brought together and, most importantly, his emphasis that ‘All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,’ Preface to the First Edition.



Another 3,000 copies of The Drama of the Lost Disciples have just been printed in the USA. This book is our best seller, both on Kindle and in paper.



The National Bible College continues to receive registrations on its Distance Learning Programme from a wide range of participants at home and overseas. The four modules, each consisting of ten units, provide solid teaching in both Bible basics and the kingdom identity message.


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