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A decision has been made with respect to the Autumn Rally 2021 in Carlisle. Having taken into account the persistent uncertainties of the current national situation, the Board Executive has decided to cancel the Rally for this year. We are looking forward to next year and the Platinum Jubilee of The Queen when it is hoped that life will have returned to normality. We therefore look forward to meeting at the Autumn Rally, 7-10 October 2022, in Carlisle for which Headquarters has made a booking.


The focus now is on preparing publications to mark this unique occasion. The celebrations at the beginning of June 2022 will attract attention to the significance of the Crown and our teaching. They will provide many opportunities for spreading the new literature which will be available at that time.




The Centenary of Covenant Publishing will be reached in 2022. A new catalogue has been produced with revised prices and will be sent out to all members with The Covenant Nations magazine in September. The Directors give thanks for the blessing of Almighty God in this considerable achievement of continuing to publish through all the events of the last hundred years including the Second World War and all the subsequent turmoil.



Both new books and new editions of older publications will continue to be printed. The next one to be completed by the end of this year is The Message of the Minor Prophets by Ansley F. Rash.




Archies Creek, Victoria, Australia September 23-25

Michael Clark and Clifford Smyth have been invited to speak at this conference by Zoom.




All readers of The Covenant Nations received a copy of the new edition of Britain’s God-given Scientific Heritage Destroyed by Metrication Madness. This booklet has been very well-received including by the British Weights and Measures Association who have sent a copy to each of their 300 members. The campaign to pardon the ‘metric martyrs’ was launched on 4 July 2021 and free copies are available from Headquarters for all those who would like to support this effort.




There was no need for an election of members to the Board so Miss Margery Dowling and Mr Alfred Brown are re-elected unopposed.




Another major anniversary in 2022 is the Ninetieth Anniversary of the Institution of the College – more reason to give thanks to Almighty God.


The new revised website is on its way with an improved layout and functions. A small group of young people in South Africa together with a few other people at home and abroad have recently engaged in study on the National Bible College Distance Learning Programme. This Programme continues to be well supported as also do the videos put out by Martin Lightfoot. The titles can all be found on the current website:


Martin & Sue have resigned their membership of the Methodist Church. Martin is now a preacher in the Church of England.


More archaeological evidence – as reported in the national press on 9 August gold treasures of the Saka people from Kazakhstan will be on display at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge from 28 September. This picture shows that these gold artefacts are very similar to those seen at the Scythian Exhibition at the British Museum in 2017.





Spring Rally, Morecambe, 8-11 April 2022 – To be confirmed.

Members will be informed if any other events can be arranged in 2022.



Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

Contact:  BIWF, 121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland,

County Durham, DL14 0HA



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