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The Autumn Rally has been moved from the Hallmark Hotel, Carlisle, to the Auckland Hotel, Morecambe, and from 7-10 October to 21-24 October 2022. In the long period since the original booking there have been changes in the needs of members and the facilities which the hotels can provide. The Board of Management therefore decided to make this new arrangement and the new date was due to the availability of the Auckland Hotel.


The attached letter was sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury on 20 April 2022 with copies to HM The Queen, the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary.


The Federation is marking this significant occasion by publishing a free booklet Explaining the Jubilee. This booklet is completely revised from the one of the same title which was published for the Golden Jubilee in 2002. It has been distributed with The Covenant Nations June issue and we encourage everyone to send for extra copies for your friends and contacts.


Covenant Publishing is launching the Sixteenth Edition of Milner’s

The Royal House of Britain.                                                    


This is a prestige edition

with new colour illustrations.

 Soft cover, 48 pages, A4 size.

Price £8.50 including Chart, excluding p&p.




At the MORECAMBE RALLY in April the Deputy President, Clifford Smyth, presented the General Secretary, David Aimer, with a gift marking his twenty years of faithful service to the Federation. He was given a Platinum Jubilee mug from the Royal Collection. His report on the Rally follows:


“Many people expressed to me as to how delighted they were to have a meeting again after the Covid lockdown and about two and a half years. Our previous meeting was our Congress in Peterborough in October 2019. It was really a good joyful and happy time together in the Lord. I would like to thank all the speakers for their contributions that added to this praiseworthy occasion. One highlight was the photocopy of a newspaper article from David McLure’s collection showing King George (Duke of York at the time) expressing his views that the people in these isles are found to be ‘the chosen race.’ (See The Covenant Nations magazine, Vol 5 No 10.)


“The change in the Hotel decor and layout was noticed and appreciated as well as the facilities in the rooms, especially the disabled rooms. The service from the staff was excellent and the food was very acceptable. Anne Smyth gave us the music accompaniment for our Hymns as well as doing the musical recital on Saturday night. Who will ever forget Clifford Smyth’s demonstration of his progress in learning to play the bagpipes! They were even muffled for the small room we were in. We wish him well in his progress.”


All Members, Associates and readers of The Covenant Nations have received a copy of Western Civilization is destroyed by Pietism and Lawless Dogma. This booklet was a new edition of the one published in November 2011 in the National Faith Conservation series.


We were informed recently that our greatly respected Patron Rev Barrie Williams passed peacefully away on 28 March 2021 aged 88 years. He will be remembered with much affection by all those who knew him. His lectures and sermons were always inspiring and the depth of his historical knowledge was impressive.



A great friend and supporter of the British-Israel message in Northern Ireland, David Hilliard passed away on 23 April 2022 aged 91 years. He and his wife, Vera, were regular attenders at Federation events and he was a frequent lecturer. He was always cheerful and encouraging and will long be remembered for his book Britain Awake! which has recently been republished in a new edition. Members can purchase a copy from Covenant Publishing, price £6.00 per copy or 10 copies for £4.50 each.


The President, Michael Clark, was seriously ill in hospital with Covid in early March. He is making an excellent recovery and he and Philippa would like to thank everyone who supported him in prayer and sent messages.


On a happy note, Michael and Philippa are pleased to announce the birth of two more grandsons: Gabriel Michael on 7 November 2021 to Daniel and Sarah Lewis and Daniel Joseph on 8 April 2022 to Elizabeth and Tim Dulley.

Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

Contact:  BIWF, 121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland,

County Durham, DL14 0HA

e-mail: admin@britishisrael.co.uk


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