JUNE 2008

Life IN THE B.I.W.F.







This new venture is aimed at keeping you informed and encouraged about all the events and projects which are under way in the Federation.  We all need to hear the good news and to have our spirits lifted.




New film – working title is ‘Our Precious Heritage’.  This will be shown at the Summer Convention at Hothorpe in July.

New books – revised editions of Did Our Lord visit Britain?; The History and Destiny of Britain’s Royal Throne; Ezekiel’s Temple and Sacrifices and Rev John Shenton’s God’s Truth Concerning the British People.

New free literature on its way.




London Tour to visit the British Museum to see the evidence which confirms the Bible and our Israel heritage – 21st June – fully booked.

Summer Convention at Hothorpe – speakers including Stephen Green from Christian Voice; the AGM and the new film.




Carlisle Rally on 7th June which was much enjoyed as usual.

Meeting in Northern Ireland on 24th May which was attended by about 50 people who heard lectures from David Aimer and Martin Lightfoot.  A substantial number of books were sold and the day was blessed with sunshine.

Michael Clark, President, and David Aimer, General Secretary, went to USA in early May to attend the conference of BIWF-USA in Arkansas.  The work is growing and developing there among our American friends.

Morecambe Spring rally on 18th – 20th April – attended by 50 people who greatly enjoyed the fellowship and the teaching.







If you do not have a computer you might not be aware of what is on the web site for people from all over the world to see.  Here is a brief description:


On the ‘Home Page’ there are many sections.  At the top is a moving ‘ticker’ which provides an eye-catching headline.  There is a large advertisement for Covenant Publishing with the books moving to display a good range.  There are articles which people can click on to read plus commentaries on current events.  All the Area Meetings are listed for information and there are colourful notices of the Summer Convention and of Congress.  Both the magazine The Covenant Nations and The BIWF Newsletter are also online to be read.


All the contact details for further information are available for anyone interested in getting to know more about us.  It is possible for someone to become a registered user so that they can keep in touch more closely.

Web site:  www.britishisrael.co.uk


There were 1625 visits to the web site in May.




Log on to our web site and see the presentations!  From the Home page via ‘Media’ to ‘Video Archive’.




Please send in any prayer requests which you would like to be shared among us.




Issue Number 3 should be out shortly and we plan for it to be more regular in the future.  Please send us items of interest, articles which you have written, or bible studies.  We welcome those of you who would like to write for the magazine and to contribute to the success of it.


Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer



Contact:  BIWF, 121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, DL14 0HA


Telephone: 01388 834395

Fax: 01388 835957

e-mail: admin@britishisrael.co.uk


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